The Midnight Carols

Listen in as four friends share strange tales of terror on Christmas Eve to join the Venerable Order of St Nicholas of Myra. But who are the mysterious Merry Gentlemen? What if their stories were more than made-up tales? The Midnight Carols is a thrilling new dark fantasy Christmas audiodrama with a full cast of talented voice actors coming this Halloween.

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Sunday Dec 19, 2021

Montague discovers what truly happened to his friends on that fateful Christmas Eve and learns the secret of the Merry Gentlemen. The ghosts of Christmas are gathering one last time... Will it be for good or evil?Find out more on //

Sunday Dec 12, 2021

Edith meets Uncle Sturges's guests during the Christmas Party, but things take a dark turn. Back in Oxford, Montague is reluctant to share a story of his own.

Sunday Dec 05, 2021

When tragedy strikes, Edith is invited to spend Christmas at her uncle's mansion. What better way to spend Christmas than in an actual castle? But not all is what it seems and, before long, dark secrets are unearthed.Find out more on //

Sunday Nov 28, 2021

Evil lurks around the derelict train station. Will Robert manage to escape and get home in time for Christmas?Find out more on

Sunday Nov 21, 2021

What should've been a simple train journey turns into a nightmare for Robert. Who is the mysterious stranger he encounters in the carriage? What does he want? What lurks in the abandoned train station? Will Robert be home in time for Christmas?Find out more on

Sunday Nov 14, 2021

Who is the Lady of the Snow? What does she want from Algernon? Will they be reunited and at what price?Find out more on

Sunday Nov 07, 2021

In this tale of wintry landscapes and supernatural infatuation, Algernon's troubles begin when he encounters a mysterious skier on the slopes during his holidays in Tyrol. Find out more on

Sunday Oct 31, 2021

A group of friends put their names up for consideration by one of Oxford's most exclusive dining societies: The Merry Gentlemen or Most Venerable Order of St Nicholas of Myra. Before long, they begin to fear that membership to the mysterious club might entail more than they signed up for.Find out more on

Bonus Teaser - Opening Credits

Saturday Oct 23, 2021

Saturday Oct 23, 2021

Bonus Teaser for the Midnight Carols. Tune in from October 31st 2021 for weekly episodes until Christmas!

Sunday Sep 19, 2021

This is the trailer for The Midnight Carols, a thrilling new dark fantasy Christmas audiodrama in eight parts coming this Halloween in weekly episodes.Snuggle up by the fire and listen to a ghost story. Quiet! The ghosts of Christmas are gathering. It is time for the Midnight Carols.

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